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Answers About Your Ecuador Trip

"Ecuador was wonderful and I enjoyed all the company, the paddling and the culture. Looking forward to next time!"

- Keith DeWit, OR


Do you recommend travel insurance? – We sure do! Max coverage starts when you start paying for the trip. You can compare quotes at

How do I reserve a boat and what are my choices? - Upon signing up for a trip you can select your boat of choice. This is a first deposit - first choice system. The list includes Dagger, Pyranha, Jackson and Wave Sport boats. Our boats come with stock outfitting.

What other gear do I need to bring? - BRING YOUR PERSONAL PADDLING GEAR AS CARRY-ON LUGGAGE: airbags, helmet, lifejacket (remove your river knife), sprayskirt, river footwear, wool or fleece, drytop and throw rope. Check your paddle in a ski bag. Click here for your packing list.

What is the weather like? - The paddling conditions in the dry season are wonderful in Ecuador. The locals say, "In the dry season it rains everyday, and in the rainy season it rains all day!" The rivers rise and fall quickly. To take advantage of the best levels, we paddle in two different areas of the country. In the north the average air temperature is 65-80 degrees and river temperatures range in the 60s. Drytops with a thin insulating layer are the ticket for comfort. In the south, the water and air temps are quite warm. Most people wear short-sleeved paddling jackets or capilene tops for sun protection. In the evenings, shorts or long pants and a T-shirt are comfortable wear. 

This is adventure travel. We'll work hard to provide you with an incredible experience. It is possible that the roads could become impassable for a spell or the rivers raging. Then we just have to make the most of the situation. If we can't follow our kayaking itinerary, we'll do our best to substitute something just as unforgettable.

What is the political and social climate? - Ecuador has experienced an active democracy for decades. Since 1995, we've traveled extensively. The people are open and friendly and curious about us. Using common sense regarding personal belongings when traveling, we find Ecuador a secure place to travel, work, and play. 

What about our lodging? - We recommend and will help you make a reservation for your arrival night's lodging near the new airport outside Quito. While kayaking we stay in a riverside hotel and comfortable countryside lodging.

What medical considerations are there? - The Atlanta Center for Disease Control provides free information for travelers at (404) 639-3311 or you can call your local Public Health Department. Give the Health Department sufficient time to order and give you any vaccinations for which you need an update. We suggest you consult with your doctor and consider the following medications: tetanus, hepatitis A, typhoid, yellow fever and an anti-malarial. We're careful with our food and water and few folks have intestinal problems. If you have a delicate GI system, check with your doctor about taking Pepto Bismol prophylactically. Adding swim ear to your med kit keeps your ears healthy.

What about flying to Ecuador? - Most flights arrive in Quito late in the evening and our itinerary reflects that. If you are bringing your own kayak, call us for information about kayak-friendly airlines.

What other things can I do while I'm there? – Check with Freddy Ramirez of Sierra Nevada Expeditions for great prices on these adventures: Galapagos, jungle tours, birding, Otavalo market for woolens & weavings, volcano hikes or climbs, and mountain biking adventures.

It is worth checking out El Monte Sustainable Lodge. Located in the cloud forests of Mindo in the western Andean slopes, it is great for birding, butterflies and hikes. Black Sheep Inn is an eco-friendly lodge. Ask about the high Andean hike to the Quilotoa Volcano. El Sani Lodge offers Amazonian tours to an indigenous jungle village and comes highly recommended.

Do you have any travel tips for me? -
• Arrive a day or two early to get settled and explore the country before jumping onto the   rivers.
• Bring your paddling gear with you as carry-on luggage (remove your knife).
• Ecuador uses US Dollars as their currency.
• Ecuador lies in Eastern Time Zone and does not observe daylight savings.
• Bring $500 minimum if you plan to souvenir shop. Alcohol, tips, medical expenses and miscellaneous expenses aren't covered in the trip cost.
• You will need a passport valid for 6 months beyond your travel dates to enter Ecuador. As a US citizen staying less than 90 days, no visa is required.
• Scan and send us and yourself a copy of the important pages of your passport.

How can I get answers to other questions? - We love talking about our trips! Email or call us: 866.529.2566 or 530.295.0830


Email or call us: 866.529.2566 or 530.295.0830

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