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Kayak Instruction

We are dedicated to providing excellent instruction in a playful atmosphere. No matter how you learn, we have the experience to individualize your instruction.

Even if you've been paddling for years, a quick lesson can clean up your technique. Within a very short time you'll notice the improvement in your paddling and gain confidence on the water. We often use video to decrease the time it takes to incorporate changes into your style.

"There is definitely a special kind of synergy that happens when both Phil
and Mary are instructing. The combination is unbeatable."

- John Montgomery WA

Private Daily Instruction

If you're on a plateau and need help jumping to the next level, this intensive and individualized instruction is for you.

Available dates:  June - Oct

*Due to recommendations made from the national office of the ACA with regards to Covid-19 all instruction has been cancelled until further notice. Please contact us for the most recent information.

1 student   - $285
2 students - $170/ea.

3 students - $150/ea.
4 students - $130/ea.

Stroke Workshops


Precision Paddling

River-Proofing Your Roll


Our Rivers

Located 50 minutes northeast of Sacramento, we teach locally with Mother Lode River Trips on the North, Middle and South Forks of the American. The South Fork is dam-controlled and is our principal teaching river. In 1848 gold was discovered on its banks and the California Gold Rush ensued. The twenty miles of river are divided into three sections; the eight playful miles of the Class 3+ Chili Bar run contains drop-pool rapids surrounded by undeveloped meadows and oak forests. The three miles from Coloma to Lotus is a great Class 2 run with road access in several places. And the Gorge offers ten more miles of Class 3 surrounded by undeveloped hillsides.'

"Your ability to empathize with people's fears and concerns and then offer
support and encouragement is truly remarkable."

- Julia Gold, NV

Email or call us: 530.295.0830

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