Quality Guiding and Instruction

Stroke Workshops

We are dedicated to providing excellent instruction in a playful atmosphere.  No matter how you learn, we have the experience to individualize your instruction.

Even if you've been paddling for years, a quick lesson can clean up your technique. Within a very short time you'll notice the improvement in your paddling and gain confidence on the water. We often use video to decrease the time it takes to incorporate changes into your style.

"Great, fabulous, amazing. I am amazed at your efficiency -no messing around figuring out what the problems or their solutions are. I think the week I spent with Phil last year and with the both of you this year have made a BIG difference in my paddling!"

- Liz Jessup, CO

Intro to Rolling

For boaters who are comfortable with wet exit and bow rescues, with or without exposure to the roll.

1 day  $150/ each student

Email or call to book.


River-Proofing Your Roll

This two day course is for kayakers looking to better their roll in current. Covers flatwater tune-up with video analysis and Class II moving water rolling.

2 days   $295/ each student

Email or call to book.


Your Other Side Roll

This day course is for Chili Bar kayakers looking to learn or tune-up the offside roll. We'll work the roll in the calm spots and run Chili Bar with stroke pointers too!

$150/ day each student

Email or call to book.

Precision Paddling

must have a reliable roll

This is for Class II and III paddlers who are looking to improve their stroke work or river-proof their rolls. Day one is spent on flat and moving water perfecting technique with video analysis. Day 2 we’ll focus on moves and rolls in stronger current.

2 Days $295 each student

Email or call to book.


"I have done many, many rolls and I did not miss one. Thanks to you. You
are a wizard of a teacher. Now I am starting to work on the offside roll!"

- Bruce Wear, CA

Our Rivers

Located 50 minutes northeast of Sacramento, we teach locally with Mother Lode River Trips on the North, Middle and South Forks of the American. The South Fork is dam-controlled and is our principal teaching river. In 1948 gold was discovered on its banks and the California Gold Rush ensued. The twenty miles of river are divided into three sections; the eight playful miles of the Class 3+ Chili Bar run contains drop-pool rapids surrounded by undeveloped meadows and oak forests. The three miles from Coloma to Lotus is a great Class 2 run with road access in several places. And the Gorge offers ten more miles of Class 3 surrounded by undeveloped hillsides.

Email or call us: 866.529.2566 or 530.295.0830

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