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Phil and Mary DeRiemer (pronounced "d-reemer") have been teaching for over 30 years. They are known for individualizing their guiding and teaching styles to fit your needs. They'll be glad to work with you on your paddling technique, river strategies and playing, or just back you up as you go for a move.

Phil DeRiemer is appreciated for his ability to motivate and instill confidence while weaving his good humor into a day on the river. "Whether it's working on your roll, improving your technique, or facing new challenges, I really enjoy the process of helping someone have a break through "

Mary DeRiemer helps paddlers move beyond perceived limitations in a supportive, fun and patient manner. "I know that as a paddler, you can do anything I can do. My goal is to help YOU know that."

"You are both natural teachers--each with you're own style and technique. Mary is warm and caring in her approach while Phil uses his sense of humor and laid back style to teach. But you are both serious teachers who do not compromise on the fundamentals. You are firm and consistent while remaining positive. I was impressed with the work you did. You each went right to the problem and made a correction. I was also impressed with your ability to give on-the-fly comments when I didn't even sense you were watching. Not just to me but to all of us. I have no comment other than general praise for your ability to encourage and teach. I now realize that there is more to one's development than just going on a bigger rapid. Can't say enough about your teaching techniques and encouragement. Thanks for everything."

- Mike Reader, OR

These two nationally recognized teachers co- wrote, and are featured in, two essential instructional DVD/videos, The Kayak Roll and The River Runner's Edge. The latter and most recent DVD is geared for the whitewater kayaker. It features technique, strategy, water reading and much more. Along with Kent Ford, they are co-authors of The Kayaker's Playbook. For many years Mary served as the ww kayak technique contributor for Canoe and Kayak magazine . Both Phil and Mary are certified by the American Canoe Association at the highest level as teachers of teachers. Oh yeah, and they love what they do.

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